Troubleshooting missing DLL problems

Last Reviewed: October 13, 2011

Article: DTS0108

Applies to: dtSearch Desktop 7.23 through 7.64


MFC80U.DLL, MSVCR80.dll, MSVCP80.DLL, MSVCM80.DLL  (dtSearch 7.23 through 7.64)

dtSearch Desktop versions 7.23 through 7.64 require MFC 8 and Visual C++ 2005 components.  These files should be installed with the dtSearch program.  If you see a message indicating that these files are missing, you can download a small program from Microsoft that will restore any missing files.  

For information about downloading these files, please see MFC and CRT redistributable downloads.

Upgrading to dtSearch Desktop 7.65 or later will eliminate the need for these components.

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