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dtSearch Desktop/dtSearch Network

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Developer API documentation

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Adobe Reader DC, XI, and X information

PDF viewers that support highlighting hits

dtSearch information relating to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-025

dtSearch Information Relating to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-035

Unicode support

What file formats does dtSearch support?

dtSearch Engine system requirements (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Getting started

Introduction - dtSearch Desktop and dtSearch Network

Introduction - dtSearch Web

Introduction - dtSearch Publish

Introduction - dtSearch Engine


Order information

Important sales and use tax information


dtSearch Desktop/Network quick start

dtSearch Web quick start

dtSearch Desktop/dtSearch Network Manual (PDF)

dtSearch Desktop/dtSearch Network Help (CHM format)

dtSearch Web Manual (PDF)

dtSearch Web Help (CHM format)

dtSearch features overview

How will upgrading or installing the purchased version of dtSearch affect my dtSearch indexes and settings?

Upgrade information

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Automatic index updates

Documents indexed with multiple numbered filenames

Forensics-related features

How to change the size of the "title" field

How to make blocks of text non-searchable

How to prevent filenames and document properties from appearing in documents

How to get field data in search results

How to index Outlook and Exchange messages with dtSearch

How to make '+', '#', or other characters searchable

How to retrieve all documents in an index

How to segment long text, HTML, or XML files during indexing

How to use IFilters with dtSearch

How to send large files to dtSearch Technical Support

Hyphenation options

Index size and performance  

Installation problems

International language support

Optimizing indexing of large document collections

Security passwords on PDF files

'Too many words retrieved in index' message

Troubleshooting encoding detection

Troubleshooting PDF indexing

Using dtSearch products with cloud storage (OneDrive, Amazon S3, etc.)

Using dtSearch with network storage devices


"Document Filters, Search Engines & The Anatomy Of A Binary Format" (PDF)

"Inside Counsel:  Key Search Tips for dtSearch Users" (PDF)

"Methods of Integrating Full-Text and Fielded Data Search" (PDF, reprinted from TechXtend)

"Mirroring Searchable Web Content on Portable Media" (PDF, reprinted from Programmer's Paradise)


dtSearch Desktop/dtSearch Network


Caching text and documents in an index

Document is not found after a search

Does dtSearch have any size limitations?

dtimage.exe security issue fixed in dtSearch 7.77

dtSearch quick start

dtSearch upgrade information

dtSearch system requirements

How to add a list of files, folders, or web sites to an index

How to add fields to search reports

How to change dtSearch file locations

How to customize the way dtSearch prints search results

How to display PDF and HTML titles in search results

How to exclude folders from an index

How to index databases with dtSearch

How to index CSV or HTML files as plain text

How to make common words like 'the' searchable

How to migrate dtSearch settings to a new computer

How to search for connector words like 'and' and 'not'

Launching files from dtSearch

Phrase or boolean search is not working

Troubleshooting -- deleted or edited text appears in Microsoft Word documents

Troubleshooting -- HTML files are indexed as text

Troubleshooting -- 'The application has failed to start' error running dtSearch Desktop

Troubleshooting hit highlighting problems

Troubleshooting missing DLL problems

Troubleshooting PDF viewing problems 

Troubleshooting scheduled index updates

dtSearch Web

dtSearch Web quick start

dtSearch Web system requirements and performance

dtSearch Web demos

dtSearch Web document access problems

How to add custom fields to dtSearch Web search results

How to add a synopsis to dtSearch Web search results

How to add multicolor highlighting to a search form

How to display links to the original files in dtSearch Web

How to install dtSearch Web on Windows Server 2003

How to install dtSearch Web on Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 or 2008

How to install dtSearch Web on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

How does dtSearch Web handle security?

How to use dtSearch Web with PDF files

How to use logging with dtSearch Web

PDF files appear without hit highlighting in dtSearch Web

Troubleshooting hit highlighting problems

Troubleshooting -- Browser prompts to download dtisapi6.dll

Troubleshooting -- dtSearch Web search results formatting

Troubleshooting -- dtSearch Web server error codes

Troubleshooting -- 'Encrypted paths' error message from dtSearch Web

dtSearch Spider

How to index a web site with the dtSearch Spider

How to use dtSearch Web with dynamically-generated content

Troubleshooting -- dtSearch Spider forms authentication

Troubleshooting -- Spider unable to crawl web site

dtSearch Publish

How to add a synopsis to search results

How to run dtSearch from portable media with a web browser interface

Troubleshooting -- PDF files appear without hit highlighting in dtSearch Publish

dtSearch Engine

CreateObject errors creating dtSearchEngine.Server

Diagnostic tools for .NET developers

Diagnostic tools for C++ developers

Diagnostic tools for Java developers

Diagnostic tools for Visual Basic and ASP developers

dtSearch Engine for Linux system requirements

Faceted search

Highlighting each term using different attributes

How to add fields to documents during indexing

How to display autocomplete suggestions

How to display retrieved XML documents with XSL formatting

How to generate a synopsis to display in search results

How to implement a web search application with the dtSearch Engine

How to index attachments separately from email messages

How to index databases with the dtSearch Engine

How to index SharePoint sites with the dtSearch Engine

How to integrate the dtSearch Engine with a language analyzer

How to use the 64-bit version of the dtSearch Engine

How to use the dtSearch Engine with Azure and AWS

How to write dtSearch ASP/ASP.NET applications without using Session

Implementing document classification

MFC and CRT redistributable downloads

Multithreaded operations

.NET information

.NET Standard/.NET Core information

Optimizing search performance with the dtSearch Engine

Promoting documents in search results

Sorting search results

Troubleshooting: ConvertPath returns a blank string

Troubleshooting: BadImageFormatException in .NET applications

Troubleshooting: ApiInitializer or System.IO.FileNotFoundException in .NET applications

Troubleshooting: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError

Troubleshooting hit highlighting problems (dtSearch Engine)

Troubleshooting PDF hit highlighting (dtSearch Engine)

Troubleshooting synonym and stemming searches

Developer API documentation

Building and maintaining indexes
Automatic recognition of dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers
Relevance and term weighting
Sorting search results

File parsers/Document filters


.NET Standard/.NET Core/Xamarin API

.NET 4.x API

Java API

COM interface

Developer tutorials (I-Programmer, CodeProject)



dtSearch Features

Email conversion tools

dtSearch Desktop/Network Training -- RCC Consulting (PowerPoint)




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